Ante-natal Pilates

If you are an expectant mother to be then ante-natal pilates is for you. The aim of the class is to help maintain core strength and stability to support you throughout your beautiful pregnancy. Exercise during your pregnancy can provide a lot of benefits but as instructors we know it can be daunting starting a new class.  Whether you are a complete novice right up to elite athlete, pilates can help you. There are, of course, contraindications to taking part in exercise and if you have any concerns over this you can discuss this with your GP and class instructor.

Some of the key benefits are; pelvic floor muscle training, deep abdominal muscle training, posture re-education, gluteal strengthening, scapulothoracic training, and helping to maintain your mobility.  This will help prepare you for your changing body throughout the pregnancy, during the birth and whilst caring for your baby.

The classes will introduce you to other expectant mothers and it is a great way to socialise and share stories. Group classes are great as they are usually a small group size which allows the instructor to monitor your technique and encourage progression. We can utilise small equipment such as, exercise bands, ova balls and pilates circles.

I hope after reading this you feel inspired to attend these classes.  As Joseph Pilates once said; “every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.”  You are bringing a beautiful baby into this world, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy in the healthiest way you can xxx

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