International Pilates Day May 5th 2018

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Happy Pilates Day everyone!!!

Pilates instructors from around the world celebrate this day to be thankful and grateful for Joseph and Clara Pilates who introduced us all to this extraordinary opportunity. Becoming passionate in Pilates has definitely been life changing for me. I have noticed a complete change in my body and the way I view exercise and injury. The body works in weird and wonderful ways and not one size fits all but I believe Pilates is something that everyone can enjoy.  I have been lucky enough to share my journey through my instagram page and meet fellow instructors from around the globe.  I am inspired each and every day by their talent and motivation.  So, let’s all come together and appreciate this day and what it signifies.

On Tuesday 8th of May, I celebrated with my lovely Pilates class. We had some healthy snack bars and mineral water to rejuvenate ourselves after class. Take a look at the pictures below.

See you on the mat 🙂


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