Adapting to Online Pilates

It has now been 10 weeks since I moved my much loved Pilates classes online! Where does the time go??

I have taught 20 Pilates classes to over 360 clients!! Each class usually has a minimum of 15 clients every session which is fantastic for a small business like mine.

I never anticipated the amount of interest I would have received for my online classes but I am so grateful. It has been a great way to stay connected with my clients, some of whom I have known now for 3 years and feel are like my little Pilates family. It has also allowed me to create and build some lovely new connections.

Here are some reasons why I LOVE the online teaching method:

  • To be able to connect and build a huge new client base from all across the world. I have had clients join me from the USA, Finland and France so far.
  • Working from home has been such a refreshing time and it definitely helps not having to lug 15 sets of mats and Pilates equipment up two flights of stairs at my usual studio.
  • No commute from my NHS work to the Pilates studio! I would usually spend an hour in my car during rush hour in order to make it to my classes so this has been a much welcomed change!
  • Being able to participate in the classes a bit more myself. As an instructor, I would spend a lot of time walking around the room and modifying positions or levels of exercises for my clients. This is not required as often online so I have been able to use the classes as my own little workout too.
  • Building on my creative skills. I no longer have the luxury of keeping my classes interesting with various pieces of equipment, I now have to work with minimal equipment or none at all. It has been great fun creating classes that are varied each week but still maintain the Pilates principles.

And, some things I miss with face to face teaching:

  • Being able to tailor the exercises to everyone’s needs. As a Physiotherapist, it is my role to recognise when to regress or progress someones exercise and this is very difficult to do online, especially with a busier class. It is now up to the client themselves to judge when they are ready to push themselves a bit further.
  • Everything going online means a lot more time spent at a computer, learning to use new technology and replying to a lot more emails, although I am happy to pay this small price to stay connected with everyone and continue to do what I love!
  • The ability to catch up with all my clients and have conversations about our weeks / family etc. Being online can take away the social aspect of a class which is what I loved about it. Like I said, some of my clients I have known for years and I miss the chats we would have before and after class.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has joined in my classes or helped me with the process of setting the classes up and promoting them. Also, a huge thanks to my patient husband who has joined in the classes more recently!

You can sign up to the classes here.

Looking forwards to seeing you all on the mat again one day x

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