Our Aim

We aim to inspire and empower our clients to achieve their individual fitness goals. We do this by providing classes that are tailored to suit any level of ability, classes that are fun and enjoyable and classes that are varied each week to ensure progression.


Pilates is a fantastic complimentary exercise that can improve your conditioning for other sports such as running, swimming or just feeling stronger in your day-to-day life. We hope that you leave the class with a better understanding of your body and are able to incorporate those skills outwith the class.

The classes are suitable for all-levels.

As our classes are Physiotherapy led, you will be in safe hands throughout.


Barre is a high-energy workout which combines Ballet, Yoga and Pilates to create a unique workout program!  It will be sure to get your legs burning and the heart rates rising. It is a great class for anyone looking for more spice to their usual Pilates class.

Our Founder

As the founder of Centre Focused Pilates, Sonya’s aim was to create a business that held health and well-being at its core. Sonya works as an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, and specialises in the management of musculo-skeletal injuries. She trained in Pilates through the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and aims to uniquely blend the benefits of Pilates with her Physiotherapy practice to help people recover from injury or start their fitness journey.

I believe everyone can benefit from Pilates, no matter your age or abilities.  I am keen on fitness and I am always pushing my boundaries.  The classes I provide are suitable to All Levels and the exercises can be tailored to your individual needs. Pilates focuses on core stability and improving body awareness. Regular practice can improve strength, flexibility, balance and many more.

Find Us:

Pilates at East Calder Bowling Club, 255 Main Street, East Calder, EH53 0EL

Barre at JD Fitness Studio, Camps Road, Kirknewton EH27 8DF

Sonya Fazeli and Centre Focused Pilates are unable to accept any liability for any consequences you may experience from following any advice or exercises presented on this website. We advise you to contact your doctor if you have any concerns about exercise or your health before commencing Pilates.

Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

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