Spa Retreats

Centre Focused Pilates Retreat Days: Expect a mix of high energy and restorative classes, relaxation sessions, use of spa facilities and expert advice from your Physio-Led instructors. Our retreats are held annually. The next event will be in 2022. This years event sold out within a week of advertising so keep checking in for updates.

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What is included?

  • A restorative Pilates Class
  • A high energy Barre class
  • A relaxing Yoga class
  • Spa and Gym use
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Goody bags


“The classes were great, use of sauna was relaxing”

“I thought it was relaxed, not too many classes. We enjoyed the free time in the spa to relax between sessions”

“The group was a nice size. There was a good variety of classes. The day was manageable in terms of the amount of exercise vs downtime”