Hen Doo meets Pilates!

30th May 2018

I was so grateful for this lovely bunch of girls booking a Pilates class with Centre Focused Pilates for their hen doo in Edinburgh. They all done brilliantly, some beginners and some with previous Pilates experience. We worked on the mats with the ova ball, with a focus on the glutes throughout. They can now go off and indulge over an afternoon tea guilt free 🙂

Doing something like Pilates on a hen doo is a great way to bond with each other and send the bride-to-be off in an energised, feel good mood.

If you would like to book a Private event similar to this then please contact me here. I provide everything for the class, including the mats, small equipment and music.

hen doo 1hen doo 2hen doo 3hen doo 4


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