1st Birthday

Today is the day!! Centre Focused Pilates is now 1 year in business, what a journey it has been.

I started my Pilates training 6 years ago and I have worked with some amazing teachers over those years. They have taught me, not only how to develop and teach a great class but how to inspire others and keep inspiring myself. A special thanks to Laura and Tess from Pilates Plus Physio who offered me my first job as a Pilates instructor. They provided me with the tools and training that shaped me into the style of teacher I wanted to be. Stepping out on my own this past year was an exciting challenge and I knew I had nothing to lose if it didn’t work out. I anxiously taught my first class at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre to a class of enthusiastic clients, all of whom have stuck with me ever since! I am so grateful for their commitment and dedication, it has been lovely to see them progress over the year.

When I was trying to figure out what to write for this blog, I done what most people would do and googled it. I came across similar blogs with most of them speaking about what they had learnt in business and their highlights. So, here are my lessons/growths/struggles of the year, some more glamorous than others!

  1. I have grown in confidence and self belief. I would describe myself as a self-doubter and I always look for encouragement from my friends and family! At first I dragged my family to all of my classes because I was worried no-one else would turn up or they would be put off by a quiet class. Now I don’t mind if the class is quieter, I appreciate the people that are committed to attending each week and dedicating their time to practising Pilates. My classes now run at a consistent number and I don’t worry about having a quiet class anymore! Sometimes it is a nice break from the madness of life.
  2. Time management. I have wasted a LOT of time thinking about what I should be doing rather than actually formulating any sort of plan. I attended a study day recently that had a presentation on business development – something I have no background in. It has taught me that I definitely need to seek help when I need it from the right people to help grow my business. Luckily my sister is very business driven and successfully manages a large venue in Edinburgh, her advice and help with basically every process has been incredible.
  3. Instagram and Facebook posts. This is something I never thought about in much detail before, and probably still don’t think about in as much detail as I should. My goal for year 2 is to research this more and figure out ways to improve the quality of my pictures and videos. Instagram has really helped in the development of my class plans – there are thousands of inspirational Pilates instructors who post the most creative and beautiful photos and videos. I love going on Instagram to find new ideas each week!
  4. I live in leggings and sports bras 7 days a week! It’s great!!
  5. The amount of admin required to run a business!! WOW, who knew there would be so much to do?? Class planning, note keeping, book keeping, accounts, emails, newsletters, advertisement, flyering, website updates….and many more!! It is exciting though and I enjoy doing each and everyone of these things. Here’s hoping my enthusiasm continues!

To anyone reading this who is thinking of starting up a business of their own – GO FOR IT! Change isn’t easy. Nothing stays the same. You have to try new things and be willing to change in order to succeed. I can’t wait to see what this next year will hold! Keep your eyes peeled for new classes and new class plans.

Sonya x

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